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a city in north central Ukraine

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The software programme accumulates vast volumes of data on radioactive pollution and forest distribution in the 30-km Chornobyl Exclusion Zone.
A cohort study of thyroid cancer and other thyroid diseases after the Chornobyl accident: objectives, design and methods.
About 2,700 people are still employed at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power plant, despite the fact that the last reactor has been shut down in 2000.
Ukraine faces significant environmental challenges, primarily related to the Chornobyl nuclear power plant disaster in 1986, industrial pollution, and waste management.
Whereas jokes about the Three Mile Island disaster occurred in both in oral form and printed on T-shirts, cups, and ashtrays for commercial purposes (Milspaw 1981, 62), Chornobyl jokes were mostly transmitted orally, even in cases where they imitated commercials.
By any measure, Chornobyl was a horrific catastrophe and has become the icon of nuclear power's satanic side.
In 1995, Ukraine signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the G-7, vowing to pull the plug on Chornobyl by 2000.
Says Alex Kuzma, director of the Children of Chornobyl Relief Fund, Ukrainians have been left with a deadly set of alternatives: freezing to death or risking further permanent damage to their gene pool.
American organizations are busy planning to commemorate the 20th anniversary this April of the accident at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant.
Prevalence of hyperthyroidism after exposure during childhood or adolescence to radioiodines from the Chornobyl nuclear accident: dose-response results from the Ukrainian-American Cohort Study.
Ukraine intends to comply with the recommendations of the joint report, which envisions further ensuring that Chornobyl nuclear power station is safe, implementation of inner EU energy market regulations, restructuring of Naftogaz company, and introducing the principle of non-discrimination in access of third parties to Ukrainian pipelines.
Funding will promote sound economic policy to deal with ongoing financial challenges; help clean up and secure the Chornobyl nuclear facility; improve energy security; strengthen democratic institutions and accountable governance; and support civil society, judicial reform, and anti-corruption efforts.
Ukraine has significant environmental problems, especially those resulting from the Chornobyl nuclear power plant disaster in 1986 and from industrial pollution.
Currently 23 nuclear power plants are under construction around the world, including one in Finland, the first in western Europe since the 1986 explosion at Chornobyl in northern Ukraine.