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Synonyms for Ceiba

tropical American trees with palmately compound leaves and showy bell-shaped flowers

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The Chorisia tree in the family section is not that tall.
A few meters away is a 600-year-old olive tree; it is almost as high as the Chorisia tree and its age is shown by its bark, giving the illusion of hole-like structures.
In the single's section, two Chorisia trees have been planted several feet taller than the ones at the family section, with equally big trunks and lush verdant foliage.
One may wonder how the Chorisia trees could survive in the Kingdom in the hot weather, taking into consideration that they originate from a country with milder temperature.
He said that a Chorisia tree grows rapidly when there's an abundance of water, and the hotel management has taken the necessary procedures, constructing underground water drainage for the trees.
The circumference of Chorisia trees depends on their age and grow as high as 82 feet," he said.
The Chorisia trees don't only have decorative values, they are also commercially valuable as well.