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Synonyms for chopper

a grounder that bounces high in the air

informal terms for a human 'tooth'


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an aircraft without wings that obtains its lift from the rotation of overhead blades

a butcher's knife having a large square blade

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EA said that the head-bashing Orc Choppa and oath-sworn Dwarf Slayer are brutal, unrelenting fighters who will stop at nothing to claim victory over their opponents on the Realm vs.
We did a deployment validation exercise and moved by ship from California to the Gulf of Mexico, said Choppa.
Rich Choppa, director of global sales and marketing at Boeing's defense arm, said, "We are confident the Air Force can rely on us, given our proven commitment.
TODAY BARS/CLUBS/PUBS CARDIFF: Buffalo (029 2031 0312), The Manor Presents: Sox & Lil Choppa.
Shane, from Sheldon, says: "This is Choppa, my eight-year-old German shepherd cross Doberman.
French Montana, "Choppa Choppa Down" (Internet 2010)
Consider for a second those forces deployed to Afghanistan; they are conducting daily dismounted patrols and carrying a full combat load on the backs of the nine-man Infantry squad," said COL Robert Choppa, director of the MBL and team chief of the Measures of Effectiveness Fire Team for the Squad: Foundation of the Decisive Force initiative.
Choppa, MEd, CRC, CCM, CDMS; (2) Kendra Betz, MSPT, ATP; (3) Jonathan D.
EA said that Call to Arms will introduce an array of new content for WAR players, including two highly anticipated new careers, the Orc Choppa and the Dwarf Slayer.
g) delaying the registration of a change of ownership and change of greyhound's name for Smiffys Murlen to Sivvies Choppa, allowing it to trial in the name of Sivvies Choppa on November 3 and 17, despite not registering the documentation with the NGRC and Greyhound Stud Book, causing it to be withdrawn from an open race at Sittingbourne
In addition, Bob Choppa has rejoined Century as vice president of upholstery.
These findings are consistent with the observation of Choppa et.
NASDAQ:ERTS) studio, today announced that the eagerly anticipated Dwarf Slayer and Orc Choppa careers are now playable in its award-winning MMORPG, Warhammer[R] Online: Age of Reckoning[R] (WAR).
TOMORROW BARS/CLUBS/PUBS CARDIFF: Buffalo (029 2031 0312), The Manor Presents: Sox & Lil Choppa.
We're trying to get more color back into our line," said Bob Choppa, vice president for upholstery merchandising for Century.