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with rapid movements

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Chop Chop will make key ingredients, that are often difficult to handle, easy to access always available and keep for up to 28 days in the refrigerator, once opened.
b c Victoria Park (1957, Chop Chop - Victoriana, by Windfields).
The first piece of advice I have is to take a really good friend with you to Chop Chop.
On Wednesday, Chop Chop Ninja[TM], Chop Chop Caveman[TM], Chop Chop Soccer[TM], Chop Chop Runner[TM], Chop Chop Tennis[TM], Chop Chop Hockey[TM], Chop Chop Slicer[TM] and Chop Chop Kicker[TM] reached positions #56, 60, 65, 68, 70, 73, 76 and 80 respectively and at the same time on the Top Free Games chart in China.
It came along when we were in the writing sessions for Chop Chop and a lot of the songs that were written in the period when we were touring Chop Chop I wrote for Join Me In The Pines.
Tim McMahon Chop chop, Versailles Day rules: off with their obscene wages.
Beheadings are imposed mainly for murder or drug offences, but cases of apostasy (renunciation of one's faith), sorcery and witchcraft can also end up in Chop Chop square.
Chop chop, choppity, chop and good riddance to them all.
The fiery Scot has been massively impressed by chef Jian Wang and her Chop Chop restaurant.
Cornerhouse, M'bro pounds 8/pounds 6; Jimi Deja, Andy Lee, Nagajan - Purple Onion, M'bro pounds 8; Hed Kandi feat Jamie Richards, Jim Breese, Antoine, Stereo Sushi, Craig Hanaghan - Empire, M'bro pounds 10; Play - Onyx Rooms, M'bro pounds 5/pounds 4; Born2Groove - Basement, M'bro pounds 5; Fresh - Harvey's, M'bro FREE; Funkbase feat D - NO, Michael Charles - Sanctuary, M'bro pounds 5/pounds 6; DJ Paul's Sounds of the 70s and 80s - Goldies, Stockton FREE; Stevie Dickinson, Matty Innocent - Pacific Bar, M'bro FREE; Say It Loud feat Mr Ford - Moby Grape, Stockton FREE; Chop Chop - Base 1, M'bro pounds 3.
Well, Junior, you'd better wake up this time because Chop Chop Corley is a big step-up.
Each of the six existing Chop Chop[TM] games - Chop Chop Ninja[TM], Chop Chop Runner[TM], Chop Chop Tennis[TM], Chop Chop Soccer[TM], Chop Chop Hockey[TM] and Chop Chop Caveman[TM] - have received critical acclaim and have reached top ranking positions in their respective categories in most countries around the world, with specially strong performances in the US, the UK, China, Australia, Canada, Germany, and France.
This time around the process benefits from a newly built home studio, (which was tried and tested on the demos for Bell X1's Chop Chop album).
We had dinner on our second night at Chop Chop on Leith's waterfront in the middle of the Michelin-starred hub of Edinburgh's restaurant scene.