calcium carbonate

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a salt found in nature as chalk or calcite or aragonite or limestone

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London optometrist and Chooz Pics founder, Bhavin Shah, of Central Vision Opticians, told OTthat in an increasingly digital world, the technology would allow practices to engage more closely with their customers by using technology to provide a more stimulating experience when choosing glasses.
Electricite de France (EDF), the Paris-based French national utility, has developed and is now operating the N4 reactor, capable of generating 1,450 megawatts, at its power plant in Chooz.
Contract notice: Market modification of the seo network of the chooz and saint-laurent npps
Among the brands in Insight's stable of products are Allerest allergy medication, Anacin pain reliever, Chooz stomach aid, Sucrets sore throat lozenges and the Nix line of pediculicides.
Nonetheless, the Eastern European market for SMS and mobile content is strong enough for Chooz to have attended the inaugural "TV Loves Mobile" event at DISCOP 2004, the market for Central and Eastern European and central Asian TV territories.
The historic contracts relate to a capacity of 1,210 MW flowing South-North, Electrabel having stakes in the French plants of Chooz (in the Ardennes) and Tricastin (Drome).
The first of two 1400-megawatt units being built in the French city Chooz is due to come on-line this year.
Contract notice: 2017-48 studies of the rights of way and trajectories needed to improve transfer possibilities to access the quai des trois fontaines at chooz (08).
A new circuit has since been designed and installed to replace the defective circuit at Chooz B1 and is being installed in the other two reactors according to a DISM statement.
Contract notice: Construction of 8 new buildings for the chemistry and radiochemistry laboratories of the nuclear power plants of belleville, Cattenom, Chinon, Chooz, Cruas, Gravelines, St laurent, St alban.
Belgium and France joined forces on September 8 to ensure the safety of the Chooz nuclear power station located on the Franco-Belgian border.
Contract notice: March cadre petits travaux immobiliers for the geographic perimeter of the direction immobilire est and for the cnpes of fessenheim, Nogent, Chooz and cattenom.
Study of the rights-of-way and trajectographs necessary to improve the possibilities of transfer to access the quai des trois fontaines in chooz (08).