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It was more like a farm than a suburban house: there were stables for Fa-Fa's horses (he had two), a chook run, a duck run, a pigeon coop, a vegetable garden that was loosely the domain of four peacocks, and a swarm of fifteen-to-twenty semi-feral cats that got into or crawled over everything in sight.
I favour my chook, named Simone de Beauvoir, as I use her as a kind of talking stick.
BEFORE the industrialisation of the humble chook in the 1920s, every self-respecting farmer--and many city dwellers too--kept a brood in their backyard.
Women were slightly more likely than men to call their partner Babes, while men were much more likely to call their lover the 9th and 10th most popular responses - Chook and Pumpkin.
Even though Jane names all her flock individually, to the rest of us it's a case of seen one chook, seem 'em all.
12 Big-eyed mouse is quite a cutie; LILITH 01 Curious cat attacks the water; TYKEY 02 Westie shows off dance tricks; CHICKEN 03 Brave chook eyeballs a huge dog; MOLLY 04 She knows she's the belle of the ball; PUP .
Sometimes they would acknowledge us by saying something like: 'Eh oop, chook.
Michelle Sedlitz of Citi Habitats New York; Matthew Chook of On Carnegie Hill; Marie McKeown of Urban Habitat and Marie Towers of Halstead Property, LLC.
And everyone is so desperate to have their say that Welsh rugby was for many years organised - to use the term loosely - by an unwieldy committee the size of two football teams who would have had trouble staging a chook raffle without the feathers flying.
The other opted for Chook Chicken Masala - chicken marinated in tikka spice topped with fresh cream, peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes (pounds 6.
Idiomatic expressions: Spit the dummy, true blue, chook
And while his Black Card is pending (a loyalty card for celebs only - sorry plebs), Liam blagged a free meal for himself and his mates by promising to help cook up some chook when he's next there.