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5% Ahnfeltiopsis flabelliformis, Chondracanthus tenella, Chondaria crassicaulis, Chondrus ocellatus, Corallina pilulifera, Gelidium amansii, Gracilaria verrucosa, Grateloupia elliptica, Hypnea charoides, Meristotheca papulosa, and Symphyocladia latiuscula extracts were [greater than or equal to]64.
Open-water aquaculture of the red alga Chondrus crispus in Prince Edward Island, Canada.
Here the releve 78 is selected from from that source as the holotype: France, Bretagne, eu- to infralittoral, growing on rock exposed to strong wave action (cover scale: + to 5): Himanthalia elongata 4, Corallina elongata 3, Mastocarpus stellatus 3, Osmundea pinnatifida 2, Alaria esculenta 1, Bifurcaria bifurcata 1, Boergeseniella thuyoides 1, Chondrus crispus 1, Chylocladia verticillata 1, Laminaria digitata 1, Cladophora rupestris +, Codium tomentosum +, Lomentaria articulata +, Lomentaria clavellosa +, Polysiphonia stricta +.
Spatial and temporal variations of Chondrus crispus (Gigartinaceae, Rhodophyta) carrageenan content in natural populations from Galicia (NW Spain).
But we were here to explore, and armed with the Secret Wight guide, our first challenge was to see if we knew our Chondrus crispus from our Cosy: hoys barn Enteromorpha (types of seaweed that grow in abundance along the Bembridge Ledge).
Carrageenan has long been extracted from Chondrus crispus (commonly named "Irish moss"), a species of red algae abundant along the rocky parts of the Atlantic coasts of Europe and North America.
Tal classificacao diferencia as fontes de especies rodoficeas produtoras, sendo as carragenanas comerciais extraidas principalmente de algas marinhas dos generos Gigartina, Chondrus, Eucheuma e Hypnea (CAMPO et al.
The growth and gonad production of Hemicentrotus pulcherrimus, which is commercially harvested in western Japan, were greatest in fucoid beds, lower in beds dominated by the small red algae Acrosorium polyneurum and Chondrus spp.
Gigartinaceae incluye a siete generos Sarcothalia, Gigartina, Iridaea, Rhodoglossum, Chondracanthus, Mazzaella y Chondrus.
Effects of temperature, light and salinity on growth in culture of Chondrus crispus, Furcellaria lumbricalis, Gracilaria tikhaviae (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta), and Fucus serratus (Fucales, Phaeophyta).
Hexose Oxidase from Chondrus crispus: Improved Purification Using Perfusion Chromatography.