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United States linguist whose theory of generative grammar redefined the field of linguistics (born 1928)

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This chomskyite approach has now begun to show serious wear with little positive results for the claim that "language is an instinct.
When the issue with your reactions to September 11 was handed to me, I expected the sort of Chomskyite blame-America-first cant that flooded my email box a few months back.
I'd just note that such Chomskyite rhetoric, the self-defeating vision of totalitarian control of culture that arises from Adorno, can't adequately account for the shape of Douglas's own career.
62) Little interested in debating postmodern identity politics or in providing detailed rhetorical analyses of Holocaust representation, Finkelstein is an unencumbered Chomskyite, his mission to uncover the insidious power nexus supporting the overwhelming primacy of Holocaust memory in the United States.
The crazy-assed Chomskyites might call this a descriptor.
Thus Cheneyites and Chomskyites alike could revel In imperial analogies, and their bipartisan terminology has lately attracted countless starry-eyed Realists, who have been churning out "decline and fall" pieces at a fearsome rate since the financial crisis of 2008.