chocolate chip cookie

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cookies containing chocolate chips

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You there, rubbing your I don''t know what a quadruple chocolate-chip cookie would be.
But what's more important is that it will accomplish two critical missions: It will bring the world record back to the US - which should be the case when it comes to chocolate-chip cookies - and it will raise the initial funds to create the Folk Art Museum.
Why are some chocolate-chip cookies crispy and thin while others are chewy and moist?
If you've ever made chocolate-chip cookies, you may remember what goes into them.
Some people use shortening in chocolate-chip cookies.
VALENCIA - By now, Diane Knight expected a flow of customers who had become hooked on her triple chocolate-chip cookies, candied apples and dark, rich brownies.
Dessert description: It's a favored creation here called ``Liza's Beach House dream `Sunday' '' made with fresh strawberries, crushed chocolate-chip cookies, chocolate and vanilla bean ice creams, hot caramel and hot fudge.
Here, the chocolate-chip cookies are free, and you don't have to put up with some idiot blowing cigar smoke in your face.