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The chocolate producer will present dessert demonstrations and educational seminars throughout the course of the show.
The major chocolate producer Barry Callebaut and independent research company NIZO food research have embarked on a project to investigate the solubility of cocoa powder.
Birmingham-based chocolate producer Cadbury said yesterday a long-running battle with Euro MPs over calling its product "milk chocolate" had still to be resolved.
On Monday, the chocolate producer was fined a total of 1m [pounds sterling] after pleading guilty to distributing chocolate products contaminated with salmonella between January and March last year.
Designed by artist Lluis Morera, the chocolate heart was produced by Chocovic, the largest chocolate producer in Spain.
The chocolate, specially produced by Chocovic, the largest chocolate producer in Spain, will be 45% cacao, an especially rich chocolate.
The Lotte Confectionery Co Ltd of Seoul is Korea's leading chocolate producer.
The new variant from the Cadbury's-owned organic chocolate producer will join the Dark 70% range on supermarket shelves this month.
Fairtrade chocolate producer Divine has unleashed a print campaign to promote its luxurious packaging changes.
El Rey, a Venezuelan chocolate producer, which already supplies UK foodservice, is launching its non-blended, single variety of bean chocolate into UK retail this year through a listing with Whole Foods Market-owned Fresh & Wild.
According to premium chocolate producer El Rey, they are both trading up to premium products, seeking out that exclusive single bean origin label.
6 /PRNewswire/ -- Arcor, the Argentine megabusiness group, is now the world's main confectionery maker and the biggest chocolate producer in Latin America, consolidating projected Latin American expansion and international business.
Abu Dhabi: Godiva Chocolatier, the Belgian chocolate producer, plans to double its locations in the UAE and Saudi Arabia in the next six to 12 months as part of a global expansion plan, according to Mohamed Elsarky, the company's chief executive officer.
VIY Management (VIYM), a leading independent private equity advisor managing funds on behalf of a wide range of private and institutional investors, is pleased to announce that it has completed the acquisition on their behalf of a stake in French Kiss, a leading premium-segment chocolate producer in Russia.