Labrador retriever

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breed originally from Labrador having a short black or golden-brown coat

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INTERESTS: Basketball, tennis, running and playing at the beach with my wife and our chocolate lab
QMy chocolate lab is very boisterous and rips the wallpaper.
Jessica, age 11: We got a chocolate lab mix named Zelda.
The cutest animal title was won by Shelagh McNiven's chocolate lab Brodie, who lives with her in Motherwell.
Libby a chocolate lab (7yrs), Saskia a German Shepherdess (7yrs) and Huggy, an Irish Water Spaniel (12 yrs).
Zoe's furry confidante is Ella, her chocolate Lab whose constant devotion allows Zoe freedom at school and in her community.
When the goose fell dead at the bus stop, it was not quite dead (the hunter having taken a high shot, because the goose would not decoy, the spreading wad of bismuth pellets shattering only the left phalange, barely piercing the breast), so when a plucky girl broke the wavering boys' semi-circle, reaching to hoist the bird in her arms, its black head shot out hissing, its good wing flailed Icarus-like (though the children knew nothing of him yet), fanning gutter trash until the chocolate Lab arrived (stretching with each purposed stride his neoprene camo vest, cock bouncing, toenails clicking ridiculously on the cul-de-sac sidewalk) to clamp his jaws--after a brief scurry, stutter-flight--around the pillowed shoulders of the goose that was still not quite dead.
If there is one task that I could avoid, it would be: Without being too graphic, it would be keeping my backyard free of the deposits that my golden retriever and chocolate lab leave.
He's a pampered puppy - a 100-pound chocolate Lab, in fact.
Elsewhere in the Centre, chocoholics will be in heaven when they visit the Chocolate Lab where visitors can discover the science behind the tasty treat.
I had a 11 5-pound chocolate lab at the time," said Goldberg.
The pickup has an extended cab where my chocolate lab girl-dog can ride on our outings.
I had been letting my chocolate lab take care of her own personal business in her own way, as long as it wasn't on a walking path or the like--to me a patch of grass seemed like a perfectly reasonable destination.
The Candy Card allows visitors to easily journey through the tasting machines, interactive games, bins of wrapped candies sold by the pound, and an incredible, build-your-own-chocolate-bar workshop, the Chocolate Lab, featuring 30-plus creative mix-ins.
Currently, Paul has an 11-year-old Chocolate Lab named Bosco.