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Chocolate eggs were first made in France and Germany in the early 19th century.
Pick your favourite from Sainsbury's chocolate eggs
Experts compared chocolate eggs sold a month before Easter this year with the same period last year.
The two brands have also created "Pot Noodle" chocolate eggs, which will be sold in a ceramic mug.
Marmite makers Unilever are set to unleash a chocolate egg made with the love-it-or-hate-it yeast extract spread.
Legal firm TLW Solicitors popped in to the Riverside Children's Centre with a donation of more than 50 chocolate eggs.
3 THE first chocolate eggs were made in the UK in 1873 by Fry's.
Throughout the holiday weekend, colourful chocolate eggs will be distributed instead of the usual SWISS chocolate bars.
For added enjoyment, the event is mainly divided into three parts, which are understanding the nutritional value of chocolate, tasting chocolates from around the world and learning to make chocolate eggs to celebrate Easter.
It is decorated with delicate multi-coloured chocolate eggs.
BUDGET One Direction Milk Chocolate Egg with Jelly Beans (70g), Poundland, PS1 Includes a band bookmark.
They bought Kinder Eggs — chocolate eggs with a toy inside.
It proved to be so popular in fact that castle staff had to dash around local stores late on to replenish its stash of chocolate eggs on Sunday.
From Lacta chocolate eggs in Brazil, the Cadbury Creme Egg in the UK and the rich dark chocolate Marabou Premium eggs in Sweden and Finland - people will be enjoying our chocolate treats worldwide this Easter.
Other new seasonal treats include the Kisses Brand milk chocolate pink and blue gift bags featuring spring-colored foils and "Happy Easter" plumes, a hollow milk chocolate Egg filled with candy coated milk chocolate Eggs and a Cadbury hollow milk chocolate Egg filled with Cadbury candy-coated mini-eggs.