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a bar of chocolate candy

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com), a food licensing, marketing and distribution company, today announced its agreement to create and distribute a line of all-natural chocolate bars for Build-A-Bear Workshop (NYSE:BBW), an interactive destination where guests of all ages can create personalized furry friends.
The voluntary recall - issued by confectionery producer Mars Chocolate UK - has been highlighted by the Food Standards Agency which says that the Galaxy Cookie Crumble chocolate bars possibly contain a small piece of white plastic.
99--"it falls between chocolate bars and energy drinks," says Schnarr--and the bags have a suggested retail price of $4.
Jake Keating, from Liverpool, complained after he claimed he found the insect embedded in his chocolate bar.
TAYTO divided the nation yesterday with the launch of a cheese and onion chocolate bar.
Now we're hoping the food industry will take the next steps and use the technology to make tasty, lower-fat chocolate bars and other candy.
Nestle have recalled a number of Kit Kat Chunky's after pieces of plastic were found in the chocolate bars.
The Milk Chocolate Bar is the traditional House of Dorchester chunky fine milk chocolate bar made to the unique House of Dorchester recipe, presented in a dramatic purple Coronation themed sleeve.
This time they'll add caffeine and theobromine to the white chocolate bars to make sure those stimulants from the cacao plant aren't the real reason for dark chocolate's brain and vision benefits.
The new Tasty Little Numbers brand - which comprises bagged snacks, chocolate bars and snack pots that contain exactly 100 or 200 calories - is taking food labelling to a new level by boldly flagging up the calorie content on the front of the packaging.
London, Aug 18 (ANI): Melting Dairy Milk chocolate bars could be a thing of the past, thanks to Kraft Foods' efforts to look for hi tech packaging that would keep those choco bars intact.
The store offers more than 300 Hershey's products including giant chocolate bars, Hershey memorabilia, and even customized products.
CHOCOLATE bars, biscuits or cakes feature in the majority of children's lunchboxes, a study shows.
The European Court of First Instance in Luxembourg declared: "The allegedly distinctive characteristics, namely the rounded ends of the bar and the three arrows or chevrons on top of it, cannot be sufficiently distinguished from other shapes commonly used for chocolate bars.