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By contrast, across the whole of the United Kingdom, 61% of women count themselves as chocoholics and 44% would be willing to give up the booze for the sake of their figures.
Devoted chocoholics, like many coffee drinkers before them, could be priced out of their passion altogether, sent begging for surplus chocolate-flavored bunnies, reduced to scrounging for Cocoa Krispies.
Good News for Chocoholics," the Washington Post assured its readers.
ROAD RUNNING: The Maldwyn Harriers' Summer Race Series starts today with the Chocoholics 5k and fun run in Newtown.
The Easter parade Painted eggs and Easter bonnets Are now on the go All getting ready For the annual Easter show, Bonnets of many colours Yellow chicks and daffodils Nests filled with eggs Easter bunnies and other things, Children all excited Looking forward to the day Sorting out their costumes For the Easter parade, Easter bonnets All in a line Eyed by the judges The best one to find, The cake stall appetising Chocolate and cream All manner of cakes A chocoholics dream, The children''s favourite An egg hunt today Searching out eggs All hidden away, The Easter parade has started What a wonderful display All kinds of characters In the parade ring today, Judging over What will they say Mary with her little lamb Carries first prize away.
And, according to research, chocoholics are scanning the globe in search of holiday destinations which allow them to indulge their cravings.
CHOCOHOLICS take note - a little of what you fancy really does do you good.
CHOCOHOLICS have a new way of getting their fix thanks to an Indian restaurant.
Aimed at chocoholics who don't want to pile on the pounds, each pellet has under five calories.
There are around 560 bars of chocolate in the reviewplus a forum where you can chat with chocoholics.
Chocoholics are locked in an online bidding war - for a five-year-old chocolate bar found behind a sofa.
Made with 70% cocoa chocolate, an ideal dessert for chocoholics and great for a weekend treat when price is secondary to indulgence.
The chocolate variety is delicious, but even the biggest chocoholics will be unable to keep their hands off the gluten-free vanilla ones with their perfect hint of the extract.
Men have overtaken women as the nation's true chocoholics.