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The promotion will have a special attraction on February 8 and 9 with the presence of Chef Simon Baderscher from Felchlin Choclate.
Then a sour taste sneaks into your mouth, and it keeps on coming until you think: "My God, there's beetroot in my choclate cake.
3 tablespoons Williams * 150 g plain choclate * 30 g butter * 11/2 dl milk * 2 fresh egg yolks * 1 tablespoon sugar
The brightly-decorated mug and egg cup are each topped with two milk- choclate foiled eggs - giving the pounds 3.
Available in 150g bars, the chocolate contains 72% cocoa solids, and is similar to couverture, the choclate used by professional chocolate makers and chefs.
Public tender for the appointment of semi-skimmed milk suppliers (UHT), sardines with olive oil, canned lentils, chicken in sauce, pasta (2 types), semolina / couscous, crushed, peeled tomatoes into cubes, whole green beans very fine canned, processed cheese spread, potato mousseline, olive oil, extra strawberry jam, but sweet petals, chocolate wheat flakes and choclate milk intended for free distribution to the needy in Belgium in sustainable development for the social integration of the SPP, the fight against poverty and Urban Policy in the European fund to help the poorest.
Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow in Choclate Chip (pounds 12) You'llbe tempted to raid the biscuit tin just applying this perfect powder eyeshadow.