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a commercial bleaching agent

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Be sure that dentures are being properly cleaned, perhaps with a very weak solution of Chlorox.
Examples of Surface Disinfectants Classification Brand Name Manufacturer Level Chlorine-based Chlorox Germicidal Harry J.
The efficacy of three disinfectants containing either sodium hypochlorite (Chlorox, Chlorox Company, CA), quaternary ammonium compounds (Conflikt[R], Decon Laboratories, PA), or 70% isopropyl alcohol were tested and compared with a sterile water control.
19, 2001); see also April 19 Biologist Interview, supra note 59 (describing a conversation with a county commissioner who (presumably joking) asked how much Chlorox bleach would be required to kill off the listed mussels in a mussel bed in the county).
A little undiluted Chlorox is a great aid in removing them.