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Synonyms for Chlorococcum

type genus of Chlorococcales

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Ethanol production by dark fermentation in the marine green alga, Chlorococcum littorale.
5 NTU), Chlorococcum was replaced with Sphaerocystis sp.
23400) (5855) B 68929 8000 (16534) (8000) Chlorophyta Chlorococcum S 0 (0) 3384 (3294) B 0 (0) 10652 (6390) Dictyosphaerium S 243(308) 781 (485) sp.
In the freshwater from melted snow, which was kept in a culture chamber at 5[degrees]C, we later noted the development of six species: Chlorococcum sp.
Biology of a terrestrial green alga Chlorococcum sp.
2006), fresh-water green alga Haematococcus pluvialis (Margalith, 1999), and green alga Chlorococcum sp.
Two-step process for ketocarotenoid production by a green alga, Chlorococcum sp.
Scoliciosporum chlorococcum (Graewe) Ve zda -- SG: Martinez & Aragon (1996).
Comparative studies of the algal genera Tetracystis and Chlorococcum.
This study investigated the physiological and biochemical changes in cellular osmoregulation when Chlorococcum hypnosporum (L.
Solo en el cultivo a UADC de Chlorococcum littorale se han utilizado los avances tecnologicos aqui revisados para remover C[O.