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Regarding the Chlorococcales, Desmodesmus and Scenedesmus are exceptionally common in any environment, oligo, meso or eutrophic (BICUDO; MENEZES, 2006; LURLING, 2003), and are among the first to colonize the environment (BICUDO; MENEZES, 2006).
Desmodesmus serratus (Corda) Chlorococcales unidentified Friedl & Hegew.
Order Chlorococcales was found to be the most prevailing throughout the study period and exhibited their extreme adaptability to varied ecological conditions.
Pyrenomonadales Chroomonadaceae Chroomonas acuta (Utermothl) Pyrenomonadaceae Rhodomonas minuta (Skuja) EUGLENOPHYTA Euglenophyceae Euglenales Euglenaceae Euglena elastica (Presch) CHLOROPHYTA Chlorophyceae Chlorococcales Chlorellaceae Ankistrodesmus fractus (Brunn) A.