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a common nonmetallic element belonging to the halogens

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O-NR1 = Non-reactive oligomer O-R = Reactive oligomer TDCP = Tris dichloro propyl phosphate/Fyrol FR-2 TCPP = Tris chloro propyl phosphate/Fyrol PCF O-NR2 = Non-reactive oligomer/Fyrol 99
Tn chloro ethane),Adhesive,Adhesive Tape,Grease,Fluorescent Penetrant,Scotch Band Tape,Adhesive,(D) Adhesive,BcacoaULD Dokane,Dk-120.
Thymol, which has no substituent group in the para position to the phenolic -OH group, is inactive, whereas chlorothymol, which has a chloro group in that position, is active.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Sundry Items : Main Detergent - Linen Washing Chemical, alkaline booster -linen washing chemical, neutralizer - linen washing chemical, fabric whitener-liquid chloro bleach, softener liquid for turkey towel.
Tenders are invited for Chloro rubber based paints and epoxy paints
Tenders are invited for Gas Refrigerant Freon 22 Or Similar Mono Chloro Difluoro Methane Conforming To Is 5610/1983
Tenders are invited for Gas Refrigerant Freon - 22 Or Similar Mono Chloro Difluoro Methane Conforming To Is: 5610 / 1983
And the gamble looked very much alive when Giannis Chloros opened the scoring for the Greeks after eight minutes, but two goals from Roberto Muzzi gave Lazio a 2-1 lead at the interval, and the match finished in a 2-2 draw.
Despite Roberto Muzzi's double, the Romans had to settle for a point as the Greek minnows netted through Ioannis Chloros and Anastasios Agritis.
Striker Ioannis Chloros took advantage of a dozing defence to lift the ball over Andy Melville's head, chest it down and beat Abdes Ouaddou before toe-poking his side ahead.
The Cottagers, leading 1-0 from last week's first leg at Craven Cottage, had found themselves a goal behind on the night in the Greek capital after Yiannis Chloros netted after 24 minutes.