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Patent 7,135,536 (November 14, 2006), "Production Method of Polyisocyanate by End-Capping With Acyl Chloride," Jae-Suk Lee, Chan Hee Jung, Sang-Yoon Park, Guttikonda Yogendra Nath, and Shashahar Samal (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Gwangju, South Korea).
High levels of chlorides are prompting the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board to move a cleanup deadline closer.
My concern is without the scientific studies being done, a decision will be made prematurely on what they're going to make the (Santa Clarita Valley) Sanitation District do to comply with what they consider a proper amount of chloride being released into sewer water,'' said Santa Clarita Mayor Pro Tem Marsha McLean.
Chloride concentration in steams should be a concern to everyone.
The report will be of considerable interest primarily to relevant strategic planners, senior company officials and importers/exporters, since it features invaluable information on magnesium chlorides export/import operations in Germany.
It also assesses the dynamics of the country's foreign trade in magnesium chlorides in 2002-2010.
show that the concentration of chlorides in streams has risen dramatically.
Groffman and his colleagues found that a stream's average chloride concentration is closely correlated with the percentage of the surrounding area that's covered by roads and other impervious surfaces.
Last year, the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts kicked off a campaign to get Santa Clarita residents to give up their water softeners, a key source of chlorides.
SANTA CLARITA - Ventura County officials oppose a revision by water quality experts that would allow higher limits of chloride into the Santa Clara River - possibly affecting agriculture - but would also offset a potential increase in taxes for Santa Clarita residents.
Bill Garrett, supervising industrial waste inspector with the Los Angeles County Sanitation District, said the agency has cited the company for exceeding limits of chlorides, acid and trichloroethylene.
These production rates have stressed the production equipment to the point where the systems function improperly and release dangerous amounts of vinyl chloride.
Residents in Simi Valley could see their water bills more than double if higher restrictions are imposed for chlorides discharged by treatment plants into the Calleguas Creek Watershed.
The water board again delayed changing the standard last December, this time to 143 milligrams per liter, after data collected from 1998 to 2000 showed a trend of higher concentrations of chlorides.
The district that operates the Valencia plant currently faces $246,000 in fines from the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board, accused of releasing water with excessive amounts of chemicals - including chloride - 84 times 2001-05 from a reclamation plant near Six Flags California.