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Then a further 30 min of standing was applied to reach a chemical equivalent, followed by being filtered out by filter papers to obtain a solution containing chlorides then to determine the concentration of water-soluble chloride in each sample, as being regarded as free one.
Friedel's salt) after the reaction of chlorides in the cement matrix, the XRD analysis was simultaneously performed.
4 automated equipment for the storage of sodium chloride with a capacity of 240-250 tons - igc 5494788a7e.
Patent 7,135,536 (November 14, 2006), "Production Method of Polyisocyanate by End-Capping With Acyl Chloride," Jae-Suk Lee, Chan Hee Jung, Sang-Yoon Park, Guttikonda Yogendra Nath, and Shashahar Samal (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Gwangju, South Korea).
High levels of chlorides are prompting the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board to move a cleanup deadline closer.
Chloride concentration in steams should be a concern to everyone.
2]) and chlorine as hydrogen chloride (HCl) (Osborn, 1992, Lucos, 1995;).
Comparisons of chlorides in homes near softened supplies also showed significance.
This market research report examines Germany's foreign trade and its prospects on the global market for magnesium chlorides.
Chlorides from road salt used in the winter to clear icy highways in the northeastern United States are increasingly tainting streams throughout the region, according to long-term studies of water quality.
The Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board will discuss today allowing an interim level of 230 milligrams per liter of chlorides - salts - to enter the flow over the next 13 years.
Bill Garrett, supervising industrial waste inspector with the Los Angeles County Sanitation District, said the agency has cited the company for exceeding limits of chlorides, acid and trichloroethylene.
Residents in Simi Valley could see their water bills more than double if higher restrictions are imposed for chlorides discharged by treatment plants into the Calleguas Creek Watershed.
The water board again delayed changing the standard last December, this time to 143 milligrams per liter, after data collected from 1998 to 2000 showed a trend of higher concentrations of chlorides.
The district that operates the Valencia plant currently faces $246,000 in fines from the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board, accused of releasing water with excessive amounts of chemicals - including chloride - 84 times 2001-05 from a reclamation plant near Six Flags California.