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The researchers suspected that this happened when sufficient chloride ions reached the black bars in the bottom mat and subsequently initiated active corrosion.
It is a potent activator of a specific chloride ion channel.
It is not known, however, how the copper atoms and coadsorbed chloride ions are packed in this bilayer.
The University of Texas team, led by Professor Jonathan Sessler at Austin's College of Natural Sciences and co-author of the study, created a synthetic ion transporter that binds to chloride ions.
Measurements of plasma concentrations of potassium, sodium, calcium and chloride ions are amongst the most common requests made to routine clinical biochemistry laboratories.
This channel secretes chloride ions in response to rises in intracellular calcium.
CF is caused by a defective chloride channel called the cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator, which prevents the transport of chloride ions between cells.
One bridge restoration technique available for reducing corrosion-induced concrete deterioration, which removes chloride ions while simultaneously re-alkalizing the concrete adjacent to the steel, is electrochemical chloride extraction (ECE).
Epilepsy can result from defects in channels for calcium, while cystic fibrosis stems from mutations in a channel for chloride ions (SN: 1/26/02, p.
Lubiprostone is a selective activator of type-2 chloride channels through which negatively charged chloride ions flow out of the cells lining the small intestine and into the intestinal cavity.
These pumps help remove the sodium and chloride ions from inside the neurons and critically influence their concentrations in the brain.
The contracts consist of studies on effects of overlapping of the hydrogen sulfide and chloride ions on steel stress, including deep hydro-treating to take away sulfur from gas oil to generate sulfur-free diesel fuel.
Sure enough, researchers discovered, the protein made by the identified gene transports chloride ions, one of salt's two components, in and out of cells.
The RMT involves using an electrical potential to drive chloride ions into a concrete sample for a specific test duration and then evaluating the depth of chloride penetration with a colorimetric indicator.
Normally, the CFTR protein transports chloride ions across the membrane of epithelial cells lining several organs in the body such as the lungs and the pancreas.