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any salt of chloric acid

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Chlorates are formed as a by-product when using chlorine, chlorine dioxide or hypochlorite for the disinfection of drinking water or for food production.
Following the recent detection of elevated chlorate levels in fresh fruit and vegetables, scientists at the Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera) have introduced testing to enable growers and suppliers to assure customers of the safety of their fresh produce and cereals.
A recent study by the Chemischen und Veterinaruntersuchungsamter (CVUA) in Germany discovered higher than expected chlorate levels in some fresh fruit and vegetables, from a variety of origins, and we have detected similarly high levels in products tested by our scientists here at Fera.
The anion of water-soluble salt (C) comprises an inorganic anion selected from the group consisting of hydrochlorides, sulfates, nitrates, phosphates and chlorates, or an organic anion selected from the group consisting of acetates, citrates, malates, lactates and oxalates.
Two drops of the proprietary Drop-Ex Plus chlorates indicator (bottle A) were applied to the test paper to test for chlorate residues.
Five redox indicators (2,3'-diphenylamine dicar-boxylic acid, diphenylaminesulfonic acid, diphenylamine, iodine:starch, and luminol) were evaluated against hydrogen peroxide and potassium chlorate.
It can detect more than 40 explosives, including black powder, liquid explosives, ammonium nitrate, plastic explosives, chlorates, explosive taggants, and other wet or dry explosives.