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small intestines of hogs prepared as food

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RETAILERS CAN ADD SOME SOUL TO THEIR FROZEN MEAT CASE by stocking Shauna's Hand Cleaned Pork Chitterlings, which are now being marketed nationwide by The Chitlin Market restaurant in Hyattsville, Md.
Linzy's reinvented idiomatic language recalls, for example, literary precedents like Zora Neale Hurston's novels, which embrace an African-American vernacular, while his stylized expressiveness, cross-dressing antics, and critical use of humor all reference histories of minstrelsy as well as performances on the chitlin circuit (the network of venues that emerged during segregation where black theatrical acts performed for mostly black audiences), in addition to contemporary black comedians like Eddie Murphy or Martin Lawrence.
Nonetheless, Naylor depicts nostalgia, the longing for a lost connection with a past place and time, as central to and even crucial to the construction of modern, urban African Americans' identities, bell hooks explains in "The Chitlin Circuit: On Black Community" that the agrarian South conventionally symbolizes community, even community without the ostensible homogeneity of small town life.
Rather, the director of each of The Blues films concentrated on one aspect of the music: Martin Scorsese on African antecedents of the blues; Charles Burnett on blues and its associations with social concepts of sin; Richard Pearce on the chitlin circuit blues in Memphis and north Mississippi; Wim Wenders on Blind Willie Johnson, Skip James, and J.
Because gay men participated in rock from the start (although usually in the closet or behind the scenes), their expressions bloomed in the mainstream soon after Stonewall, while lesbians took the time to create their own network of women-only venues, much like the chitlin circuit of yore.
As much as television soap opera, it evokes the plays performed for primarily African-American audiences on the so-called chitlin circuit.
caressini repressin corruption f--kin em up spontaneously combustini leave fools cussini & broke in hell's kitchen rob a store to buy a chitlin you don't know nothing bout livini so listen as I drop my wisdom jah kingdom inhale pollution exhale vision.