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Chiru, when contacted over phone, admitted that ammunition was found in his office.
Chiru, before taking over as OSD to Vasan, was posted as the deputy secretary ( ordnance) in the defence ministry.
The IUCN review confirms that the chiru is gravely threatened and provides further incentive for national and international authorities to take more decisive steps to protect the Tibetan antelope," said TPP'S Lowe.
A description of the shahtoosh trade, a chiru factsheet, and links to articles dating back to 1998 also are available online.
Now, Chiru is all set to return to Telugu cinema after a sabbatical from it necessitated by his foray into politics.
Chiru herds are widely poached in protected areas of Tibet and Western China.
The Xining workshop renewed hope that the chiru may receive adequate protection.
Chiru are illegally hunted for their shahtoosh, a fine fur around their throats (Fall `98 EIJ).
However, it was only after Nivrithi was born that the ice was broken with Chiru.
In addition to local Tibetan and Chinese people involved in the illegal hunting and trade, a growing number of outsiders has started to come to the region specifically to shoot chiru.
With chiru wool now a lucrative commodity, the animals are being relentlessly hunted," said George Schaller, the Wildlife Conservation Society's director for science.
While the total output of the industry is unknown, it clearly contributes to the deaths of thousands of chiru annually.