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the language spoken by the Chipewyan

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Cross spoke of, when Edmonton sprang into existence, Fort Chippewyan, 450 miles north of the present city and still removed from it by a long and toilsome journey of some weeks' duration, was a place of importance.
Certain western Subarctic groups, such as the Slavey and Chippewyan, further into the northwest, continue to produce mukluks decorated with wool yarn floral embroidery.
Comparative ethnology of the wolf and the chippewyan.
The Northwest Company was much more interested in the Arctic areas of its concession, and in 1788 it sent Alexander Mackenzie (1764-1820) and his cousin Roderick to establish an outpost for the fur trade on the shores of Lake Athabasca, Fort Chippewyan.
The paper by Shepard Krech III and that by Robert Jarvenpa and Hetty Jo Brumbach document how the trade was conducted in "new' areas: either areas that were opened late in fur trade history, "The Trade of the Slavery and Dogrib at Fort Simpson in the Early Nineteenth Century,' or older areas that have not been examined yet in great detail, "The Micro-economics of Southern Chippewyan Fur Trade History.