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a ripe jalapeno that has been dried for use in cooking

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Chipolte saw what the popular fast food Mexican food chains, such as Taco Bell, were doing and realized the menu options were not attracting the health conscious Baby Boomer market.
added Chipolte Cheddar cheese items to its line, incorporating what it maintains is one of the top flavor trends in the country.
Mayonnaise is still a popular topping for a hamburger, but these days it is more likely to assume the flavor profile of Sun Dried Tomato, Chipolte chili and Wasabi Horseradish, and to be found atop grilled chicken, steak and seafood, as is the case with French's GourMayo line, which hit the market last year.
Kettle introduced two additional organic SKUs with Chipolte Chili Barbecue and Sweet Summer Herb.
Finding highly visible spots and establishing customer awareness of Mucho Gusto in short order is important because chain competitors such as Chipolte Mexican Grill, which is owned by McDonald's, may open in Eugene, West said.
The Alabama Slammer is a hickory barbecue glaze, spiked with chipolte heat.
3 chipolte chiles, soaked in warm water until pliable, seeds removed, and finely chopped
They leverage interesting ingredients like chipolte peppers into known sauce recipes to create an innovative hot sauce with a notably southwestern flavor.
Chipolte & Lime, and Salt & Pepper are very nice but the White Cheddar Flavour is the winner.
Home cooks will find them exceptionally easy, with the menu plans and meal tips accompanying such delicious fare as French Dip Roast, Seafood Gumbo and Chipolte Chili.
Joseph Isa of Winick Realty Group represented the tenant, which will join Chipolte, Buy Buy Baby and other retailers in the neighborhood this fall.