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wallboard composed of wood chips or shavings bonded together with resin and compressed into rigid sheets

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While the CHIP board has not scheduled a meeting, the RSA board is having a special meeting late this week to discuss the Downtown issue.
Taking on the traditional office superstores and backed by a blue chip board of directors, OnlineOfficeSupplies.
The new was set up to manufacture of 300,000 t/y of coated white line chip board, stated by PMT Italia .
while Darya Khan, Khansar, Mebal, Dullay Wala and Chip Board feeders emanating from 66-KV Rakh Dagran grid station will observe shutdown from 9:00 a.
Bradford said a meeting among the AID, Mercy and members of the CHIP board last Monday led to an agreement that Mercy would pay a subsidy of $3,500 per person to CHIP for the cost of taking on MercyOne policyholders who can't find coverage elsewhere.
has converted its product shipping loose fill to environmentally safe materials and is also transitioning its product packaging from petroleum-based plastics to recycled paper chip boards.