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a Penutian language spoken by the Chinook


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Although the rate of mortality was extremely high, Middle Chinookan populations had not gone extinct.
Finally, I find it interesting that the Paul Kane painting chosen to represent the Chinookan presence on the landscape shows a traveling hut, a small, temporary, and quickly constructed shelter utilized during the warmer parts of the year.
George Aguilar explained the social ties that spread a chief's influence, "The peoples who dwelled from The Dalles, Oregon, to the mouth of the river spoke the Chinookan language and intermingled and intermarried from as far as the Midwestern states to the Northwest coast.
is a Kiksht Chinookan who is a member of the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs in north-central Oregon.
In this remarkable personal memoir and tribal history, we learn about Aguilar's people, the Kiksht-speaking Eastern Chinookans, whose way of life connected to the rhythms and resources of the great fishing grounds of the Columbia River at Five Mile Rapids.
After his Filipino father drowned fishing the rapids and his mother died soon after, he was raised by his Eastern Chinookan grandparents.
Native American fiber artist Pat Courtney Gold will discuss "The Chinookan Nations Encounter the Corps of Discovery," which examines Lewis and Clark's misunderstanding of Chinookan culture by looking at excerpts from their journals.
He notes that Cultee was born in about 1850 and, therefore, would have lived through the epidemics of disease that hit the Chinookan people on the lower Columbia from 1830 on.
He's reading: `Right now I'm re-reading the historical records that deal with Chinookan Indians - starting with the maritime explorers and on through Lewis and Clark and the Astorians.
As for other bands, the Clackamas of the lower Willamette Valley spoke Upper Chinookan, the Upper Umpquas were Athapaskan, and the Cow Creeks and Rogue Rivers of southern Oregon utilized Takelman dialects.
Boyd estimates that aboriginal Chinookan and Kalapuyan population amounted to 32,000, "three to two Chinookan.