Chinook Jargon

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a pidgin incorporating Chinook and French and English words

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It's not known for certain when Chinook Jargon was first created.
In western Oregon and at Grand Ronde people relied on Chinook jargon, the lingua franca of the region, to cope with this linguistic diversity.
As European settlers moved westward, words entered English from the Chinook Jargon and from the languages of California, the south- and mid-west.
It was adopted into the Chinook jargon as camass, kamass, lacmass, and lakamass.
Smith certainly did not know Seattle's native language and may or may not have been familiar with Chinook jargon.
The word memaloose means "dead" in Chinook jargon, the old Indian trade language of the Northwest.
Weber has listed several pages of examples of Chinook jargon and their English translations.