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intricate or ingenious puzzle consisting of boxes within boxes

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He moulded it like clay, twisted and distorted it like a Chinese puzzle into any design he chose.
Many of the races this weekend are like Chinese puzzles, but Frankie Dettori has unravelled a few in his time and I expect him to be hogging the cameras with victory on
The front door strangely opens outwards, causing a technophobe like me who struggles with Chinese puzzles some difficulty in getting in.
The main theatre is set back behind a generous foyer space, its permeability and luminance contrasting with surrounding blind boxes of the two cinemas, which lock together in section like Chinese puzzles, and the secondary theatre.
From that, he became one of the most admired script writers on British TV, contributing to The Brothers, The Bill, Bergerac, Murphy's Mob, Potter's Picture Palace and Chinese Puzzles, as well as the full plays, Fallen Hero, Good as Gold, Rodney, Our Intrepid Hero and others.
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