Chinese puzzle

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intricate or ingenious puzzle consisting of boxes within boxes

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Westwood, England's best hope for winning this year's European money list with its $15million prize fund, has found the greens this week at the Fanling Golf Club a complete Chinese puzzle.
The pounds 5 pass gives visitors access to the Pleasure Beach Express, the Chinese Puzzle Maze, the South Beach Show - a magic and puppetry performance by Russell Brown - and the Spectacular Dancing Water Show.
Tangram tales; story theater using the ancient Chinese puzzle.
Special education students will use tangrams, a type of Chinese puzzle, to make mosaic pictures and study propaganda posters as artwork during World War II.
In the present instance, Marce was inspired by the tangram, a Chinese puzzle that incorporates five triangles, a square, and a parallelogram.
Based on an ancient Chinese puzzle, the cat-quick arm rotates 360 degrees as it picks up pieces of a seven-piece square puzzle, almost always faster than any human.
Messing with the compression straps caused the Chinese puzzle buckles to engage.
Merton-Lax-Rice were a Chinese puzzle as bound together in life and mutual imaginings as the earlier Chesterbelloc (G.
From the story and illustrations, they will learn and recognize the different shapes called tangrams (a Chinese puzzle that is created with a square that is cut into seven different shapes).
The new 7-foot-wide bay window unfolds like a Chinese puzzle box to double as an art project center.
The Chinese puzzle game that dates back 1,000 years proposes creative challenges with pieces, called ``tans,'' cut from a square: two small, one medium and two large triangles; one rhomboid and one square.
The tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle, a square composed of seven geometric pieces: five triangles (two large, one medium-size, two small), one square and one rhomboid [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
Mahjong Deluxe takes the classic Chinese puzzle game to a new level with elegant, Asian-influenced graphics, rich sound effects and smooth game-play using an easy-to-use single screen interface with intuitive controls.
Everyone loves a puzzle, except when they are in the form of a Chinese puzzle box which brings forth the Cenobites, a trio of S&M demons to rip you to shreds and take you to hell.
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