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a Chinese martial art

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They will discuss Chinese martial arts literature from different perspectives.
There's lots of misinterpretations about Chinese martial arts.
There are so many kung fu films and so many different interpretations of Chinese martial arts," he says.
Having provided a range of perspectives on Chinese martial arts films, this paper shall now elaborate on the status of Chinese martial arts films in a specific locality Singapore --where this research was conducted.
GOLD: Dillon Baker (centre) proudly shows off his medal and certificate with his team-mates from the British Chinese Martial Arts competition.
The sight of IEC's KG graders on stage singing the traditional folk song "Congratulations" and dancing with small drums and umbrellas in Taiwanese traditional costumes was truly fantastic, as well as the Chinese martial arts Kung Fu Fighting, performed by KG graders also, which shows how children can understand and enjoy experiencing Taiwan and the Taiwanese lifestyle.
The quartet took time off to attend a promotional event for the tournament as they took lessons from a Chinese martial arts expert on sword play in front of the world's media.
Chinese Martial Arts Academy moved at the beginning of May from its location at 1705 N.
This ancient form of Chinese martial arts may be the next new treatment for vestibular disorders (dizziness and balance problems) if conventional therapy doesn't succeed, according to results of a small prospective study of 21 patients presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Foundation and Expo in San Diego in October 2009.
The Chinese martial arts troupe hit the stage at Glasgow's King's Theatre next week and it would take a braver man than me to ask.
Circus performance Dancing drummers Traditional Chinese dance Chinese martial arts Chinese classical music Modern dance Chinese pop songs Peking opera Lucky money envelopes at 4pm Craft and food stalls
Bono is too busy so Chinese martial arts movie star Jet Li and the king of Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan will be providing the glamour counterweight to politicians at this year's Davos forum.
Recently it was even revealed that at about the time they got engaged Armstrong-Jones fathered a daughter by his best friend's wife, and he had a string of other lovers on the go, too, including one Jacqui Chan - although, disappointingly, not the Chinese martial arts ace.
I'm bored stiff with Chinese martial arts movies like Hero and Fearless, but this fast-paced flick offers something different and exciting.
Hailed as being Li's final film featuring traditional Chinese martial arts (wushu), it is a terrific slice of history.
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