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a collapsible paper lantern in bright colors

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TAMSIN JESSUP, EQUINE COORDINATOR: Wednesday - I feel that there could be a much safer way to celebrate with use of light, Chinese lanterns as a form of celebration, seem to cause damage and destruction to wildlife unnecessary.
The Chinese lanterns are one of the most prominent problems that pushed the workshops to suspend their activity and direct it to other industries, like prayer beads, or selling aluminium.
Friends and family of Sean Foster release chinese lanterns next to the river at the Baltic in his memory.
A FIRE started at a Wolverhampton house after a Chinese lantern is understood to have landed in guttering.
Currently the council is exploring the possibility of banning the launch of Chinese lanterns from any council land, such as public parks, within the city," she added.
Steve West, Llandaff, Cardiff I SEE that a Chinese lantern has now caused a major catastrophic fire, which then released thick poisonous acrid, health-damaging smoke over a wide residential area.
A CHIEF fire officer has called for a review into the use of Chinese lanterns after one started a huge blaze which caused PS6m of damage to a recycling centre.
FLYING Chinese lanterns have been linked to a surge in UFO sightings.
MP Guto Bebb has urged people not to release Chinese lanterns over the Bonfire Night period and in the run-up to Christmas.
Summary: Poignant tributes have been paid in memory of missing five-year-old April Jones as Chinese lanterns were released into the sky.
The ghostly shape of Chinese lanterns floating serenely through the twilight has become an increasingly common sight in UK skies.
THE NORTHERN Country Land and Business Association is appealing for event organisers and party-goers to think before using fire-hazard Chinese lanterns.
CHINESE lanterns filled the sky in memory of a teenager killed in a car crash.
MORE than 10,000 people gathered to release Chinese lanterns in remembrance of murder victim Sian O'Callaghan yesterday.
LIFEBOAT rescuers have wasted more than pounds 150,000 responding to false alrms caused by a nationwide craze for Chinese lanterns.
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