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a collapsible paper lantern in bright colors

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However, in recent years, local lanterns took a hard beating from the Chinese lanterns which flooded the Egyptian market.
The Chinese lanterns are one of the most prominent problems that pushed the workshops to suspend their activity and direct it to other industries, like prayer beads, or selling aluminium.
Currently the council is exploring the possibility of banning the launch of Chinese lanterns from any council land, such as public parks, within the city," she added.
I have been predicting such catastrophes involving Chinese lanterns for years.
Chinese lanterns have been an accident waiting to happen and it is only a matter of time before a house burns down.
A CHIEF fire officer has called for a review into the use of Chinese lanterns after one started a huge blaze which caused PS6m of damage to a recycling centre.
FLYING Chinese lanterns have been linked to a surge in UFO sightings.
Summary: Poignant tributes have been paid in memory of missing five-year-old April Jones as Chinese lanterns were released into the sky.
But the UK's burgeoning Chinese lantern industry is a lucrative one and businesses will not let such a cash-cow go without a fight.
The Chinese lantern bill for just launching the lifeboats this year has been put by the RNLI at more than pounds 150,000.
Chinese Lantern Festival: featuring the Chinese Circus performing nightly.
Hidden in the bright orange pod of the Chinese lantern plant (Physalis alkekengi) is a brilliant orange berry.
lounges also hosted several cultural and social events for athletes, including Chinese Lantern Festival, Valentine's Day and Italian Carnevale.
At last people have come to recognise the value of the Egyptian lantern after years of fascination with the Chinese lantern," added Atta, who works in the Old Cairo district of Al Sayda Zainab.
THIS is the horrifying moment a brand new car in Huyton was nearly torched when a Chinese lantern landed underneath it.
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