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a collapsible paper lantern in bright colors

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The workshops suffer heavily over the last 10 years, whether because of the expansion in importing the Chinese lanterns, or because of the difficult economic circumstances in Egyptian, especially in the last four years.
I ran outside and that's when I realised it was a Chinese lantern and part of it was stuck under the tyre.
The fire echoed that of the region's biggest ever blaze at the Jayplas recycling plant in Smethwick last month, which caused PS6 million of damage and led to calls for Chinese lanterns, often used at parties and weddings, to be banned.
CHINESE lanterns could be banned from council-owned sites after one sparked a huge fire at a Smethwick recycling plant.
What if a burning Chinese lantern landed on a petrol station in the middle of the night?
A CHIEF fire officer has called for a review into the use of Chinese lanterns after one started a huge blaze which caused PS6m of damage to a recycling centre.
In one sighting consistent with a description of a Chinese lantern, Kayleigh McChambell, of Brighton, saw fuzzy orange lights over Shoreham.
It is believed Coral Jones, 40, and husband Paul, 44, released their own Chinese lantern from their garden in Machynlleth.
The startling picture of a dead barn owl snared in the remnants of a Chinese lantern highlights one of the device's key dangers.
Oh, and for the sceptics, it was not a chinese lantern, chinese lanterns don't travel at aircraft speeds.
The Chinese lantern bill for just launching the lifeboats this year has been put by the RNLI at more than pounds 150,000.
Chinese Lantern Festival: featuring the Chinese Circus performing nightly.
Hidden in the bright orange pod of the Chinese lantern plant (Physalis alkekengi) is a brilliant orange berry.
lounges also hosted several cultural and social events for athletes, including Chinese Lantern Festival, Valentine's Day and Italian Carnevale.
But the price of a Chinese lantern is no more than EGP 100 while Egyptian lanterns than can reach more than EGP 500 due to the great artistic effort required as well as an increase in the price of raw materials.
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