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a black resinous substance obtained from certain trees and used as a natural varnish

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a hard glossy coating

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Although the Japanese did eventually become masters at using lacquer, it had been invented a very long time before by the Chinese - the earliest Chinese lacquer wares actually date back to around 5000 BC.
Chemical modification, characterization and structure-anticoagulant activity relationships of Chinese lacquer polysaccharides.
Q I am looking for Oriental-style wall art for my dining room to go with a Chinese lacquer screen.
She'll have 18th-century Chinese export porcelain saucers ($50 to $75) and 19th-century Chinese lacquer boxes (about $100) at her booth.
Exquisitely carved ivory plaques from the Kushan culture, cast bronze busts of the classical Roman style, Chinese lacquer bowls, Buddhist bodhisattva sculptures, first century glassware and a crystal vase engraved with the image of Alexandria's Pharos lighthouse were withdrawn from the battered tin trunks.
We were the first manufacturer in the Caribbean to produce products like Chinese lacquer, exterior emulsion, non-drip ceiling white and polyurethane varnish," Mr.
Initially, I was going to go for a Chinese lacquer look, by applying a black glaze over the red emulsion, but with the bamboo beige on top, the bright red looked perfect.
Offering 51 shades of nail polish and 29 eyeshadows, this kitsch-chic collection is packaged in faux black Chinese Lacquer, teamed with purple (Sui's fave colour) mini powder puffs and purple-tipped eyeshadow applicators.
A free-standing steel and glass lift tower is anchored by a towering plane of concrete, painted vivid Chinese lacquer red.
The shop also has hand-painted pillows, designer halogen lamps, metal sculpture, funny ceramic busts of sports or professional figures, large Chinese lacquer boxes, wine goblets in twisted colorful glass, jewelry and exquisite perfume vials.
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