Chinese elm

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Synonyms for Chinese elm

fast-growing shrubby Asian tree naturalized in United States for shelter or ornament

small fast-growing tree native to Asia

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One of those attendants told him about the special care the Chinese elm requires.
Company Will Showcase All Products, Including One-of-a-Kind 400-600 Year Old Antique Chinese Elm, at Pacific Coast Builder's Conference, June 20-23
THINK small for Christmas with our special Chinese Elm bonsai offer.
Selection: Good trees for beginners include ficus and schefflera for indoors and "Green Mound" juniper, "Trident" maple, and Chinese elm for outdoors.
The only tree within range was a ratty Chinese elm with six trunks.
Aided by a Modesto ash and a Chinese elm that grow in the parkway between yard and street, the impression you get sitting in the Maloneys' yard is that you are in a private and protected space, even as dog walkers and cars pass by.
Both hybrid elm trees and Chinese elm trees were examined at several locations in Ohio.
Q: Three years ago I was given a beautiful Chinese elm bonsai tree.
The Chinese Elm is a good starter as it's a variety which is fast-growing and basically indestructible.
The Chinese elm, for example, has brought Albuquerque inhabitants shade--but also the misery of allergies.
The tree species being planted in Esteban Park include the Indian Rosewood, Eldarica Pine, Velvet Ash, Chinese Elm and Chinese Pistache.
The bark of the mature Chinese elm inspired the front yard's apricot, gray, and soft green plant color scheme.
Other more exotic Mountain Lumber finds include ancient Chinese Elm saved from 15th Century Ming Dynasty buildings, reclaimed hundred-year-old English "Cooper's Oak" and Russian Oak.
Because the site is studded with mature Coast Live Oak, Chinese Elm and numerous other trees, visitors have a great opportunity to see how to garden successfully beneath shady trees.
The lacebark elm, also called Chinese elm, is another fast-growing, long-living tree.
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