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dark red plumlike fruit of Old World buckthorn trees

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Other ingredients include ginseng to increase stamina and recovery, cinnamon bark to "warm the lower extremities", lycium fruit, Chinese date, Chinese raspberry and albizzia flower.
Among the featured fruits are the maypop, the pawpaw, and the jujube, which is not a chewy movie candy but a Chinese date.
Leong will be sharing his Cantonese-inspired recipes with eager diners at Atlantis this week when he cooks at Saffron and hosts a cooking class featuring a variety of Asian dishes, including the Singapore classic wok-fried black pepper crab, slow-cooked Chinese cabbage with dried scallop, tom yam fried rice with roasted duck and double-boiled winter melon consommEa with Chinese dates.
The soup contains (among other things) Chinese dates, ginseng, m e d l a r, tragacanth and a good helping of fresh lizard.
Their clients do not recognise Chinese dates in their calendars and work has to carry on as normal.
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