Chinese checkers

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a board game in which each player tries to move a set of marbles through a set of holes from one point of a six-pointed star to the opposite point

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I lie on my stomach on my bed and stare down at the chinese checkers box on the floor.
Thus, Imagisoft's Mike Prestwich reports that after a distributor sold 12,000 copies of his Chinese Checkers game, Prestwich netted just three paid registrations.
Moreover, "it's possibly the world's smallest glass Chinese checkers board," Tonucci adds.
Family - Chinese Checkers (10 days)- great activities to keep the whole family engaged
When we hear the words 'strategy board game' we tend, in Australia and the Anglo-speaking world, to think of classic counter-moving games such as chess, draughts (checkers), Reversi (Othello), Chinese Checkers, or Stratego.
There were games counters like chess pieces, and I could see friends and families laughing over the board games, just as my family did when we played ludo and snakes and ladders and Chinese checkers.
For the next nine years this band would work with Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Eddie Floyd, Wilson Picket and many more, as well as churning out hits of their own like Green Onions, Chinese Checkers, Time Is Tight and Soul Limbo, the latter used by the BBC's Test Match Special for years.
are sophisticated wood-and-brass chess and checker sets, and at Target you'll find Chinese checkers, cribbage and tic-tac-toe games designed by architect Michael Graves that are so attractive you'll want to display them on the coffee or patio table.
These are evenings of playing cards or Chinese checkers, sitting in the arched alcove Mary calls her "dining room," a space just large enough for her cherry-wood table and four chairs.
Chess and other board games, including Chinese chess, international chess, Chinese checkers and draughts
He is also credited with discovering and bringing Chinese Checkers to the masses in 1928.
Chinese Checkers, Mastermind and Rummikub are just a few of the games distributed by Pressman Toy, a privately-held, New Jersey-based, family-owned company founded by Jack Pressman in 1922.
Cmate's mobile games portfolio consists of over 60 games including Cmate Poker, Cmate Battleships, Cmate Backgammon, Texas Hold'em, Cmate Pool, Chinese Checkers, Cmate Bowling, Cmate Ringtone Challenge, and many more.
This deluxe game set has everything you need: checkers, Chinese checkers, chess, cribbage, dice, dominoes, backgammon, Parcheesi and cards
Once the homework is done, kids can enjoy new and fun educational games such as Word Racer, Go, 21, Spades, Hearts, Backgammon and Chinese Checkers, along with the oldies but goodies including Word Search, Dominoes, Chess, Checkers, Go Fish, Reversi, Maze, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Yahoo
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