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Synonyms for alligator

leather made from alligator's hide

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either of two amphibious reptiles related to crocodiles but with shorter broader snouts

crack and acquire the appearance of alligator hide, as from weathering or improper application

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For the last two summers, Abene and Zhang Fang, a biology professor from Anhui Normal University, have been surveying wild Chinese alligators in Anhui Province.
Initially, Wang thought the Chinese alligator song might be a way for individual males to attract females-generally the case when it comes to animal tunes, and thus his team recorded the songs of males and females of the specie.
In the last 12 months a licence has been issued to a man in Aldridge in respect of two Chinese alligators," Walsall Council principal environmental health officer Clive Potts told the Sunday Mercury.
While experts estimate there are only 150 Chinese alligators left in the wild, the center has raised 10,000 of the reptiles since it began breeding them in 1979 from a stock of just 200.
A Sapporo zoo said Wednesday it has successfully hatched five baby Chinese Alligators, a rare species of the reptile, for the first time in Japan.
Here, you can get up close to precious native animals like giant pandas, red pandas, Chinese giant salamanders and Chinese alligators.
Washington, July 15 (ANI): The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has announced that reintroduced Chinese alligators have started to multiply in the wild in China, which has given them a new chance for survival.
About half the size of their American counterparts, Chinese alligators have long been considered agricultural pests, says Thorbjarnarson.
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