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a radical terrorist group dedicated to the removal of British forces from Northern Ireland and the unification of Ireland

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A delegation of Chinese Armed Forces Police Hospital and the China Earthquake Bureau to Pakistan will visit here in October to commemorate Chinese medical missions during Kashmir earthquake (2005) and floods (2010).
We, too, must reinforce our alliance with Japanese and Chinese armed forces and orchestrate tripartite cooperation.
The hawkish verbiage of PLA generals seems part of a deliberate and calculated Chinese deterrence effort, and the periodic provocative acts by the Chinese armed forces reflect a civil-military relationship in which civilian control is loose and hands-off.
The idea of putting the Great Wall, a token of the Chinese armed forces, and the UsAf emblem close together on the same page is symbolic in itself.
To be sure, these developments are essential factors in American security planning, but such an exercise in mirror-imaging about force projection, missiles, advanced aircraft, aircraft carriers, and so forth reflects only a fraction of what is actually happening in the Chinese armed forces.
Moreover, the Chinese armed forces continue to suffer from significant deficiencies in training and recruitment standards.
Responding to questions in parliament, Defense Minister Tang Fei dismissed the reports, saying his ministry has not detected any unusual activity by Chinese armed forces.
Furthermore, Zhu cannot particularly rely on the Chinese armed forces - the People's Liberation Army (PLA).
PHOTO (1 -- color) Members of the combined Chinese Armed Forces color guard raise the Chinese red flag.
will fight alongside Chinese armed forces and use weapons to tell the Japanese that 'Japan must return our stolen territory
Beijing, May 18 (Xinhua-ANI): China on Friday refuted the accusation from India that Chinese armed forces had overstepped the boundary between the two countries.
A rousing military parade by the Chinese armed forces on Thursday in central Beijing to celebrate the country's 60th anniversary may have evoked interest among regular China watchers worldwide.
They want to drive away Chinese armed forces on Chinese territory and ask all non-Tibetans to relocate themselves, people who have long spent their lives on that part of Chinese territory,'' the minister said.
Handbook on the Chinese Armed Forces (Washington, DC: Defense Intelligence Agency, 1976), 7-1 through 7-6.
Red and blue ships face off against each other near the eastern shore of China and Taiwan on the cover of The Chinese Armed Forces in the 21st Century.
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