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Synonyms for chinchilla

the expensive silvery grey fur of the chinchilla

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a thick twilled fabric of wool and cotton

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small rodent with soft pearly grey fur

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They will take part in lessons and birthday parties like our other chinchillas do.
If I slept badly (possibly due to the chinchillas scurrying around in the ensuite), resulting in the creases refusing to fall out of my face like an old polyester pillowcase, then I could just wear the revolutionary 'No More Knackered Face Band' to work the next day.
It also offers unique or interesting facts about chinchillas that make them an appealing and loveably quirky pet choice.
Provide a shallow tray filled with clean, fine sand or chinchilla dust for him to bathe in daily.
I thought one of the chinchillas was dead on its side, and black, but when I did the hoovering it was up and about.
CHARLIE the chinchilla is back - less than a week after he was stolen from a Canley pet store.
The adoption fee is $225 for all three chinchillas and includes a certificate for a free vet exam.
The couple breed and keep chinchillas but this is the oldest one they have ever had.
Dit is miskien verregaande om ooreenkomste tussen studieleier en student te soek, maar die chinchillas in die roman herinner tot 'n mate aan die wedrenduiwe wat 'n groot deel van Van Heerden se In stede van die liefde uitmaak.
It applies to foxes, chinchillas, mink, pine marten and muskrats.
SLITHER ME TENDER: Pat Cooper of Oakes meets Elvis the king snake at the open day for Huddersfield Technical College's animal care centre Pictures by Andrew Catchpoool (AC050408Ctech-1); MEET THE ANIMALS: Andy James feeds a miniature goat and one of the kune kune pigs (left); Kath Grammer, a lecturer, with Freddie the green parrot (centre); and Emily Glew (left) and Amy Butters of Mirfield make a fuss of one of the chinchillas (AC050408Ctech-8, AC050408Ctech-6 and AC050408Ctech-4)
On `Dora the Explorer,' they showed chinchillas swimming in the river, so I guess the show was wrong.
Standard and Giant Chinchillas also exist but American Chinchillas are now extremely rare.
For example, its thickness is 10 to 14 [micro]m in chinchillas, 20 to 40 [micro]m in cats, and 40 to 60 [micro]m in rhesus monkeys.