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Synonyms for chinchilla

the expensive silvery grey fur of the chinchilla

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a thick twilled fabric of wool and cotton

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small rodent with soft pearly grey fur

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S irresponsible Inspector Foster said: "The adult chinchillas had been shut inside the vivarium - used for snakes - and dumped in the bushes.
In captivity, Chinchillas need a diet that is high in fibre, quite high in protein, but low in moisture and very low in fat.
Thirty six male and female chinchillas of different ages were examined at the Colegio Politecnico of the Universidade Federal Santa Maria.
Chinchillas are most active at night, and like to sleep in the daytime in small spaces like the cracks and crevices of the mountains which would be their homes in the wild.
WORLD boxing champ Tyson Fury has been battered for wearing this PS9,000 knee-length chinchilla fur coat.
Provide a shallow tray filled with clean, fine sand or chinchilla dust for him to bathe in daily.
En relacion a las chinchillas de cola corta, diversos autores senalan una amplia distribucion en todo el altiplano del norte de Chile, que corresponderia a su distribucion historica, y que incluye a la Region de Atacama, pero sin detallar lugares de colectas o capturas (Pefaur et al.
The owners thought two Chinchillas were dead when they discovered them motionless in their cages.
Giant Chinchillas are a large breed with mature bucks weighing in at 12 to 15 pounds and does at 13 to 16 pounds.
Debido a la sensibilidad diferencial entre roedores a las AF y a que no existen estudios sobre la sensibilidad de las chinchillas a las AF es importante determinar los efectos de estas micotoxinas en esta especie de roedor.
The three chinchillas must be adopted together as a family.
The couple breed and keep chinchillas but this is the oldest one they have ever had.
Dit is miskien verregaande om ooreenkomste tussen studieleier en student te soek, maar die chinchillas in die roman herinner tot 'n mate aan die wedrenduiwe wat 'n groot deel van Van Heerden se In stede van die liefde uitmaak.