Platanus orientalis

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large tree of southeastern Europe to Asia Minor

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Prior to his organization of Chinar, Miya was the Regional Director for Exports for Standard Organics Ltd.
The chinar has the ability to transform; and one of the experiences it turns around is a leisurely cruise down the Jhelum.
SRyNAGAR (CyHAN)- As winter season is knocking in Kashmir valley, a grand tree Chinar, locally known as "Boone", changes its colour of leaves from green to golden.
While talking to a local TV channel the leader of Tori Bangash tribe Capt(r ) Yousaf has informed that on July 17 a Government caravan was going from Para Chinar to Peshawar when it was attacked by armed men in which 18 people were killed including 7 women while 6 students including two brothers were kidnapped.
This is a very good step from the government to revive the Chinar garden, and today it has been a gift for people of the valley by the government.
According to Media Reports, at least seven trucks convoy was moving from Peshawar to Para Chinar under the protection of security forces when extremists attack on the convoy in the area of Kurram Agency and burned down billions of rupees daily food items.
Sources told that Thal Para Chinar road has been opened temporarily while, they said that thirty vehicles carrying passengers and goods have been send to FC.
From 17-10-2015 to 17-11-2015 ,Emergent decorative temporary lighting arrangement from Haldiram Bridge to Chinar Park crossing on MAR at Newtown, Kolkata under WBHIDCO.
The camps were installed in various parts of Bajaur Agency including Daknu, Batwar, Laghlar, Shabo and Chinar Dara, he informed.
As plantation is going on here we saw it after gap of 20 years, before 20 years the situation was very bad in this particular area and it had badly affected both forests and life but today plantation is going on of Chinar and apple trees it is really good for us," said Abdul Hamid, a native of Uri.
According to sources, another commander Rappa Khan, their body guards Khalid Wazir, Abdul Haq Wazir, Wali Wazir, Hanif Afghani, Attaullah Wazir, Allahuddin Wazir, Ihsanullah and Chinar Afghani were also killed along with Mullah Nazir in the drone attack.
The Srinagar- based Chinar Corps has concluded that more pistols are being brought in with an eye on the state and general elections.
The operations were conducted in Nijrab District of Kapisa, Shawak of Paktika, Surab, Chinar Tu, Derawoud, Charchino and Khas Urozgan of Urozgan province, Juram, Baharak, Yamgan and Wardouj districts of Badakhshan, Suzhma Qala of Sar-i-Pul, Kajaki of Helmand, Qaisar of Faryab and in the jurisdictions of Herat and Nangarhar provinces.
Some other well known performers including Sain Zahoor, Akhtar Chinar Zahri and Mithu Sain dazzled the audience with powerful performances.
DIWALI: Chinar Parikh and Manaui Puroui enjoy the fun at the Devonshire House Hotel