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Synonyms for crayon

writing implement consisting of a colored stick of composition wax used for writing and drawing


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write, draw, or trace with a crayon

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The latex-based primer is a low VOC, multi-purpose primer developed to block typical household stains caused by wax crayons, pencil, pen, china markers, ketchup, mustard and grease.
Patterns are then added to some of the white figures with wet-on-dry watercolor, while patterns are added to some black figures with white paint markers or china markers.
The approach to sound, in particular, as a phenomenon occurring in the form of discrete material bits manifests itself in even the simplest works on view in Philadelphia, a pair of framed, drawing-like pieces consisting of segments of magnetic sound tape inscribed with china markers.
I brought out black china markers and oil pastels (white and black only).
The few that chose the china markers had a difficult job: to bevel the grease pencil on sandpaper and apply the values carefully, giving the appearance of a lithograph, with subtle values grabbing the paper's texture.
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