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an arm exercise performed by pulling yourself up on a horizontal bar until your chin is level with the bar


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Murray has put on several kilograms of muscle in the last six months with his masochistic regime of doing chin ups with weights round his waist but, when it comes to biceps, Nadal is the daddy.
I do a lot of chin ups with a 20-kilo weight attached to me," said the Scot.
They have to complete a six mile hike in "full battle rattle" (body armor with bullet proof plates and helmet) with a packed ALICE [All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment] pack weighing about 35-40 extra pounds, successfully complete the Marines Physical Fitness Test (3 mile run, chin ups, and curl ups), perform land navigation, complete a written and oral exam among a board of Marines covering everything from weapon capabilities, to the code of conduct, and MAGTF [Marine Air Ground Task Force] structure.
Upper body, core and abdominal exercises such as crunches, pull ups, chin ups, and rope climbing will all pay dividends.
Some suggestions are: dips, chin ups, push ups, feet-elevated push ups, overhead and bench press with dumbbells, back extension, lunges, 10-second hops on one leg, squats, step-ups, and crunches.
I pulled my hamstring this week so I wasn't able to do much running but we still did sit ups, chin ups, jumping jacks and all sorts of exercises.
Featuring an 8 x 8 power lift platform, adjustable incline/flat/ shoulder-press bench with wheels, chin ups, and weight storage racks, the product also offers an optional school logo.