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The researchers conducted the second round of experiments with 18 chimps and 22 infants that had been helpful in the first round.
The movie follows a crew of three chimps sent to the planet Malgor to recover a missing space probe.
Scientists, reporting in the journal Nature, set up an apparatus which offered captive chimps two food choices.
In Sierra Leone--a West African country where chimps live--80 percent of forest lands disappeared between 1980 and 1995.
If the export project proceeds as planned, the chimps will be exported to China in March.
Soon aging chimpanzees will have plenty of trees to swing from at Chimp Haven, a $24 million sanctuary (protected place) in Shreveport, Louisiana.
In your lectures, you mention that chimps have a dual or complex nature.
According to the pressure group, sibling chimps Jackie and Jason are being kept in "small dirty and solitary" enclosures which are not healthy.
LOS ANGELES & NEW YORK -- Space Chimps, a new animated family film opening July 18 from Vanguard Animation and Starz Animation, about a trio of primates sent to deep space on a heroic mission, has a new assignment closer to home: rescue the chimps
Chimps don't roast marshmallows around campfires, but they may appreciate that certain foods taste better when heated.
Twycross Zoo chief executive officer Sharon Redrobe, who has contributed to the programme, has told how zoo founders Molly Badham and Nathalie Evans moved swiftly to stop any more of their chimps being used in TV commercials, as soon as they realised the damage being caused.
Tommy is worlds away from the rainforests of Western Africa, where chimps spend most of their lives in trees, sleeping, hunting, and socializing together.
The Green Room is a comfortable prep room including a live feed from the studio as well as a nice showcase displaying Fat Chimps numerous awards: Telly's; Emmys, and a recent Content Marketing Award.
Male chimps are uniquely known to produce thick semen that coagulates into a plug present in the female counterpart's genital tract, which increases the odds of a male fertilising the female's eggs.