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Synonyms for chimney

a vertical flue that provides a path through which smoke from a fire is carried away through the wall or roof of a building

a glass flue surrounding the wick of an oil lamp

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The chimney stacks were constructed for the coal station opening in 1967, when it was the largest power station in Scotland.
There are ways to reduce the risk of a fire, including having any working chimneys swept regularly (at least twice a year) and lined; making sure the chimney stacks are in good condition, especially in the loft; and having the wiring throughout checked by a qualified electrician every five years.
Only 15 per cent of people check their chimney stack on the monthly basis that surveyors recommend, and 21 per cent admit they've never checked this area of the house.
Kahn designed vast factories for Ford, originally for the manufacture of the ubiquitous Model-T, characterised by steel-trussed, saw-blade top-lit roofs, vast horizontal windows determined by the structural grid of the buildings and by tall chimney stacks.
Among the property's unique architectural characteristics are its richly carved stonework, two-story oriel window, gambrel roof framed by massive chimney stacks, and terra-cotta details including sunflowers, the trademark of its Queen-Anne style.
Carbon dioxide is already routinely removed from the chimney stacks of power plants where fossil fuels like coal and gas are burned.
The Works comprise supply and installation of replacement pitched roof coverings to houses and flats in various locations throughout the City including removal of existing coverings, checking structure, remedial structural work, new under-felt, battens and tile coverings, hips, ridges and valleys, renewal of eaves, fascias and verges and sundry associated works to loft insulation, flashings, chimney stacks, gutters and downpipes.
Stone's steeplejacks division has carried out a full re-paint of two 20 metre high chimney stacks at Copella Fruit Juices, for Walker Snack Foods in Boxford, Surrey.
Some have come off particularly vulnerable areas such as parapet walls or chimney stacks but the most likely source is the brickwork beneath the damp-proof course.
Four exposed chimney stacks were also demolished after they began to sway dangerously in high winds.
Roof gables, tall chimney stacks, a half-timbered first storey and square front bay give a countrified period charm to the house, on sale at pounds 230,000 by Dixons' local office.
Bosses are spending millions refurbishing the terminal, with workmen busy overhauling pipes and chimney stacks.
Sgt Gary Neill of Northumbria Police said: "We had many trees blown over across roads, unsafe chimney stacks and a gable end wall that had blown down.
Loose chimney stacks, tiles and masonry were preventing people from returning to their homes after an earthquake measuring 4.
It's a sunny spring day in 1949 and a horse and cart is making its way down Comberton Hill towards the town centre with the chimney stacks of the carpet factories in the distance.