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Synonyms for chimney

a vertical flue that provides a path through which smoke from a fire is carried away through the wall or roof of a building

a glass flue surrounding the wick of an oil lamp

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30am drama despite her bedroom being next to the wrecked chimney stack.
DEBRIS: The remains of the chimney stack on the ground
WHEN SANTA RAN INTO MY CHIMNEY Last Christmas Eve I heard a sound which came down from my roof Bit heavy for a bird's small feet, much more likely twas a hoof As I listened hard the noise went on and was followed by a crack A nasty way of telling me I'd lost my chimney stack.
No-one else was injured, although firefighters using thermal imaging equipment scanned the partially collapsed building to make sure no workmen were trapped inside when the chimney stack and part of an internal wall came down.
Think about restoring your chimney stack - four out of five have been removed over the past few decades but there are benefits.
A "fireball" bolt struck a chimney stack above Emily Holland's bedroom.
Next Tuesday the planning committee is due t o hear objections to Cameron's application to stick a few blades on his chimney stack.
Witnesses also saw the man push a chimney stack from the top of the semi-detached house.
Crowds gathered to see the toppling of two obsolete cooling towers and a chimney stack on a former production site at Wilton International, near Redcar.
Chimney stack maintenance and repair and install of cowls and birdcages will be required as part of this work stream, the emergency stabilization of chimney stacks may also be required as with the remedial actions listed above this too may form part of and emergency call out.
If you have a chimney, make sure that the pots are not cracked or worn and that brickwork on the chimney stack is in good condition.
5 nano particulates of chemicals will flow from the chimney stack undetected and unregulated right into your children's lungs and brains.
AMAN was taken to hospital after suffering a head injury when a chimney stack collapsed at a care home.
They show the collapse of the 200ft chimney stack that for decades towered over the former Courtaulds factory site in Coventry's Little Heath.
HOLD UP: Demolition work was stopped for the gull's chicks to leave the nest in the chimney stack