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the largest Chilean island and the only one to be settled

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The Southern House Wren population on Chiloe Island has smaller clutch size, larger eggs, and a longer incubation period than populations of the Northern House Wren at similar latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere.
The following morning my attention was drawn to the height, virtually unrivaled in Chiloe, of the church steeple of Vilupulli, an intriguing name that in the language of the indigenous Mapuche means "the serpent's hill.
The best known is Parque Tantauco, a huge nature reserve on the southern island of Chiloe that Pinera opened to the public in 2005.
In 1985, Mainstream Salmones was among the first of companies to stake a claim to the coastal waters of Puerto Montt, Chiloe, Chaiten and the unnamed inlets and fjords where South America points toward Antarctica.
The potential agreement covers 193 mining properties in the 10th Region of Chile in the Provinces of Valdivia and Chiloe.
Tour Patagonia by boat starting from the Chilean island of Chiloe.
Contract awarded for Print 500 Tourism Magazine, Castro Chiloe
transmission system from Diego de Almagro in the north, to the island of Chiloe in the south.
Several escaped birds have been reported, including a lanner falcon at Flint Castle and a drake chiloe wigeon at Aber Ogwen, where the black swan remains in company of the local mute swans.
During the last four years, the GIAHS initiative has run seven pilot projects of adaptive management of the Incan farming systems in the Andean hills of Peru; the oases of the Maghreb countries; the integrated rice fish system in China; the Ifugao rice terraces systems in the Philippines, and Chiloe Island, one of the world centers of origin of potatoes.
Hay muchos talleres de redes clandestinos en Puerto Montt y Chiloe que lavan redes a orillas de rios y esteros y contaminan las aguas, con pleno conocimiento de las empresas productoras de salmon que requieren ese servicio.
Based in Quellon on the island of Chiloe in the heart of Chile's major fish farming region, Alisan is one of the country's biggest salmon exporters, processing around 6,000 tons of salmon fillets a year.
This is Gamesa's third wind farm development in Chile, where it has already completed the development of phases one and two of the San Pedro wind complex on Chiloe island (total installed capacity: 137 MW).