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The Midlands came second while the North East buys the least chillis.
Tesco chilli pepper buyer Eleanor Mansell said: "When it comes to eating chillis, especially the top of the heat range varieties, then East Anglians are England's biggest hotheads.
You have a choice of red, black or white with matching body kit and Chillis have their own front and rear bumper design and twin exhaust tailpipes.
THE sun may not have been shining but the temperatures were rising in during the second Awesome Chilli Fiesta in Merthyr Tydfil.
Amy Cope, aged 32, can't believe <B how hot the hottest of chillis are
I often get asked what I love about chillis," Chris said.
Loaded with homegrown UAE chillis, chopped Birds Eye chillis from India and Sri Lanka, flaked Cayenne Pepper and chocolate Habanero chillis said to pack in more than twice the spice of a regular Habanero, it isn't a petty patty.
In the patty mix are also homegrown UAE chillis, chillis from India and Sri Lanka and flaked Cayenne Pepper.
London, Sept 26 ( ANI ): The new Naga Chilli Vodka is so hot that it comes with a special health warning.
Brindleyplace, supported by the Broad Street BID, will be turning up the heat this month by hosting the city's first ever chilli festival as part of the new Birmingham Food Fest.
The London store is set to include products from Northumberland's fledgling Hot Stuff Chilli Company in a chilli promotion starting at the end of August.
in to CHILLI NACHOS This is great for a convenient main course and requires minimal preparation because the chilli is already cooked in the can.
Chilli Jam Cut the chillis in half lengthways and scrape out the seeds.
During the Fair Chiquitos Southport will not only be giving people a chance to try a range of chillis but also giving away chilli seeds so visitors can grow their own chilli plant over the summer