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the cardinal number that is the product of 10 and 100

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48) Erasmi Roterodami Adagiorum chiliades tres, ac centuriae fere totidem (Venetiis 1508).
3) The Greek phrase that Folly pronounces is the equivalent to the Latin adage quicquid in linguam venerit, as Erasmus explains in his commentary on that adage in the Chiliades (Asp II-1:546).
The title of this adage, which was not included in the Adagiorum Chiliades of 1508 or subsequent editions, is nearly as long as the text: Digito compescere labellum.
Proverbs or Adages by Desiderius Erasmus Gathered Out of the Chiliades and Englished.
Erasmo de Rotterdam, Adagiorum chiliades, Hanoviae, Typis Wechelianis apud haeredes Ioh.
This volume was titled Adagiorum Chiliades and was published by the Aldine Press in Venice.
He applied it to the work of Aldus Manutius in a complimentary personal letter in 1507, and then to his own work in the Adagiorum Chiliades of 1508.
Of his numerous and varied works the most important is the Chiliades ("Thousands," named for the arbitrary decision of the first editor to divide it into sections of 1,000 lines).
3) Erasmus' essay, published as an introduction to the Adagiorum chiliades (1508), is an extended version of the brief account he provided in the prefatory letter to the original collection, the Adagiorum collectanea (1500).
The ASD projects eight volumes on Erasmus's Adagiorum Chiliades (1508 ff), three of which are under review here; a ninth volume will include an edition of the Adagiorum Collectanea (1500) -- which the CWE will not publish separately -- in addition to a general introduction and index to the whole.
As Massing carefully documents, much of the text was drawn from the 1508 edition of Erasmus's Adagiorum chiliades.
The third essay on "Erasmus and Aldus Manutius" depicts Erasmus's sojourn in Venice in 1508 at the household of Manutius, and Erasmus's composition of the expanded edition of the Adages, the Adagiarum chiliades, Erasmus's most important contribution to classical scholarship.